Not Now, Maybe Later

recruiting emails only when you want them

not now, maybe later — nnmbl — is an email plug-in and recruiting platform that manages timing for candidates and companies.

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As a candidate, your inbox has become inundated by emails. If you are actively looking for a new role, this is fantastic. However, 99% of the time, you are not. nnmbl manages your inbound opportunities when you aren't looking and provides a central, organized location for them when you are.

  • Reply

    Automatically respond to companies to let them know the timing isn't right, but you'll reach out in the future.

  • Eliminate

    Keep you inbox distractions free. All inbound recruiting emails are archived and organized for future access.

  • Organize

    All inbound opportunities are organized by company and role for you to explore once you are ready for something new.

  • Notify

    Switch your status to active to notify companies you are interested in.

  • Compare

    Start the interview process with your top choice companies at the same time to compare the process, people, and offers apples-to-apples.


As a company, you spend countless hours sourcing and reaching out to qualified candidates, but if you reach out at the wrong time when the candidate isn't looking, you've just wasted time and energy.
nnmbl integrates with your existing recruiting tools to automatically re-engage qualified candidates once they are ready for a new opportunity.

  • Engage

    Automatically re-engage candidates the moment they are actively looking.

  • Discover

    Discover similar candidates to the ones you've already reached out to that are ready for a new opportunity.

  • Maximize

    Make the most out of the time you spend sourcing and don't lose great candidates if the timing isn't right.

  • Focus

    Save time by not worrying about what canddidates to follow up with when.

  • Integrate

    Effortlessly integrate timing into your existing recruiting stack.

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